The other week our dishwasher wasn't working properly and as usual Steve of AA Appliances came to the rescue. Within a short time Steve identified the problem but unfortunately the part to be replaced was very expensive, so he advised that it would be better to buy a new Dishwasher.

I always know that I can rely on AA Appliances. I recommend their services with confidence.

- Donna Duncan, Absolute Health & Beauty

My freezer started playing up, it leaked and was not functioning properly. I called AA Appliances out to have a look, with the aim to repair if possible. The technician was very prompt and took the freezer apart; efficiently fixing the leak and blockage within 35 minutes.

A job well done! I would be only to happy to recommend AA Appliances to my friends and family.

- Nina Rodrigues, The NL Group

I am writing to thank AA Appliances very much for quickly and efficiently fixing my old but apparently serviceable washing machine.

When it broke I really thought it was terminal and I would end up having to buy a new one. An AA Appliances technician came to fix my washing machine promptly and pointed out what I had been doing wrong. I was given advice to ensure that I could maintain my machine, in order to save money in the future.

AA Appliances really don't mind whether the equipment is new or old - they just want to provide a good service and save people money and inconvenience.

I will have no hesitation recommending AA Appliances to anyone I know.

- Christine Black

You are magic! I never knew you could resurrect the dead, but you can - as long as the deceased is a domestic appliance!

Having just replaced a dishwasher at home for a handsome cost, I was not impressed when our dishwasher at work failed. This was a fairly old dishwasher that we installed some years ago.

I called AA Appliances and they promptly arrived to take a look.  For a very reasonable price the old machine is now washing those dirty crocks with ease. The unit is now remarkably quiet for its age!

Well done AA Appliances, what a relief! I will recommend you to anyone I know who has a washing machine, dishwasher, tumble-dryer, cooker, oven, hob, fridge or microwave giving them grief.

- Dawn Ayres, Director, Bushey Hall Garage Ltd

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